Saturday, July 27, 2013

BRAVE Purple

This is a touching video about a wish-come-true for a three-year-old girl battling neuroblastoma.

Little girl gets dream house thanks to 'Make a Wish'

My dad has been involved with Make a Wish Wisconsin for years. Many in the construction industry in Southeastern Wisconsin work with him on fundraising. In this case, a construction crew of Ross & Associates literally sweated for the cause. They showed up one morning and built this little girl's dream home in a day.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: There are no signs of the cancer in the toddler's body. In a few years, she will be considered CURED. And by then, she will have had many happy memories in her purple playhouse.

New HuffPost Blog Post: Tips for Building a Great Hat Collection After Chemo

My new post is now live on the HuffPost Blog. Hopefully the tips are helpful for cancer patients who are now dealing with the bummer side effect of hair loss. Chemo is a great thing. As many patients are reminded, the fact that the rapidly-multiplying hair cells are destroyed means that the chemo is doing its job on other fast-dividing cells (i.e., cancer). Still, the day the hair falls out is a tough one for so many of us. I'm hoping this will be useful for at least a few patients, or their friends who want to do something to help

Chemo Style: A Cancer Patient's Tips for Building a Great Hat Collection