Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review: Comeback Love

In Peter Golden's "Comeback Love," Gordon Meyers seeks out "the one that got away" 40 years earlier, Glenna Rising. Gordon, an aspiring writer, and Glenna, a sexy med student had a passionate love affair in New York City in the 1960s, against the backdrop of the Vietnam draft, women's rights, the pro-abortion movement, and the hippie culture. Since Glenna broke Gordon's heart, much has changed in both their lives. Gordon wonders if one thing has stayed the same-- the passionate way they felt about each other.

While evaluating whether he wants Glenna back in his life, Gordon revisits their shared past. The recounting of their initial romance crackles with emotion. Although the complex Glenna is a flawed heroine, I found myself rooting for Gordon to find a way to keep her. Golden has done an excellent job of creating two vulnerable characters who exist on their own, yet also exist within anyone who's never quite gotten over the one who got away. He tackles the themes of second chances, forgiveness, and devotion in a raw, yet tender way.

Aside from the great love story, what I found most interesting about this novel was the author. The story is told by a man, from a man's perspective. I enjoyed this glimpse into how the opposite sex views romance and relationships. The male perspective also adds an interesting twist to the love scenes... I think I'll end on that note.