Friday, July 27, 2012

Dr. Goldberg Appointment

Time flies when you're a cancer patient.

No, that's not right.

Time flies when you're having fun.

Much better.

I cannot believe it's already almost been three months since my last round of the ATRA chemo. This morning, Ryan and I went to the cancer center for my quarterly consult and blood tests. We will receive the PCR remission test result back by the end of next week. This time, Dr. Goldberg also ordered a cholesterol level test. ATRA has a propensity to significantly raise cholesterol, so if the result comes back high, he'll put me on a statin.

Hopefully I won't need the drug, since it's only been less than three months since I went off Coumadin, the blood thinner. I've been enjoying feeling a little more "free." For instance, I rode my bike for the first time last weekend. (People on blood thinners are advised to avoid activities that can result in physical trauma for the obvious reason of greater bleeding.)

It's a good thing I waited, for I discovered that riding a bike is NOT just like riding a bike, in terms of being able to pick it up again. While in the driveway, I clipped one shoot onto the pedal of my racing bike and realized I wasn't wearing a helmet. Instead of unclipping that foot, I raised my other foot. Ooops. The result: driveway rash in three spots on my left leg, three massive bruises on my theft thigh, and a gash on my right ankle that I didn't discover until after my ride because the chain grease had staunched the bleeding.

Nothing like being back in the saddle of life. Given how prone to anxiety I've been since my diagnosis. I'm proud of myself for actually going on a bike ride after my rough start. It might have something to do with the First Descents trip I recently attended. The adventure helped me remember how good it feels to let go of fear enough to challenge myself. I've been thinking about what my "FD Challenge" will be. More to come on that.