Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Look!!!

When I originally picked the template for the Life's a Beach blog, my face was so swollen and my vision so clouded by blood that I could barely see the screen. The sandy beige and bird silhouettes served their purpose, but now it's time to move on! Hopefully you agree this new look captures that sentiment.

While very ill and heavily drugged, I decided that I would maintain a Life's a B**ch attitude as best I could, as in "When life's a b*tch, channel positive thoughts to make it as beach-like as possible." Two years later, I credit this mentality for having played a huge role in my ability to cope with my condition. I hope the concept is helpful for others going through tough times...

The new blog header is the result of a collaborative effort with a fabulous graphic designer (whom I would be happy to put anyone in touch with). This same design (without the blog reference) will be on the T-shirts, as soon as I decide blue or white for the shirt color.

We've applied for copyright protection for the image, which makes it feel more real that something positive has come out of my leukemia diagnosis.

A final note: Yes, that crabby crab has been symbolic of me at times during this ordeal, and will once again represent me at the end of next week, once I've begun the next round of ATRA. But let's be real: who doesn't feel like that crab once in a while?