Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, to my mom, to all the moms, and this year, a special note of appreciation to all the swim moms!
I've been thinking a lot about how dedicated my mom was to me growing up. Swimming is an intense sport, and she was perfect at being a swim mom- she was supportive, and never pressured me. She came to all my meets, tracked my times, bought me the coolest swim suits, and made the sport fun. She carted me to and from an uncountable number of practices, and she served as president of the swim club multiple years, and meet director other years.  
Katelyn has been learning to swim this spring, and it brings back memories for both my mom and me. When my mom visited in February, we went to family swim, so that my mom could see Katelyn attempting freestyle. When my mom saw her on the pool deck, wearing her pink cap and goggles, my mom started to cry. Later, she told me that Katelyn reminded her of me at that age, and she couldn't help but think that back then, she never could have imagined me getting as sick as I did.
But on to happier thoughts! Now my mom and I get to enjoy Katelyn's love of the pool. Will she become a swimmer? Who knows. Though she does grin the entire time during swim lessons, and she's determined to advance to Eel level.
And another happy thought: next year, fingers crossed, I will feel well on Mother's Day. This morning, I woke with massive head pain. Ryan and my dad took Katelyn for a walk to give me some quiet time. This is my third year of feeling sick on Mother's Day, but it's worth it because hopefully it means I'll be healthy on Mother's Day next year.
Have a wonderful day everyone!