Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Bald New Approach

While in the hospital, having no hair was the "in" thing for the leukemia wing. Since I've returned home, I've been more conscious of it. Before I share my thoughts on the looks' pros and cons, here's a review of my hair's history and future:


The Hospital Look 
The view from my room is included in the picture to draw your attention away from me

The Hat Look (Today and the Next Several Months)
Happy to be home (and ready to take this scratchy hat off in the privacy of our backyard)

The Anticipated Regrowth - Chemo Hair

Chemo veterans say at first it grows back "differently" than your original hair.

Pros of Being Bald 
  • Cooler in summer
  • Never a Bad Hair Day
  • Save $$$ on shampoo (though I still use the drop hanging off the pump to cleanse my 1/32 of an inch, mainly out of habit)
  • No one will mess with me because from afar (where you can't see my lack of muscle), I look like the woman upon which the film, G.I. Jane was based

Cons of Being Bald 
  • Strangers sneak looks at me and children openly stare, and this is with my hat on
  • Somehow I've gotten on Rogaine's marketing list, and the calls around dinner time have been incessant
  • It is quite drafty if I sit under any of the air conditioning vents in our house
  • I cannot use the Bumpits I ordered from an infomercial three weeks before this ordeal began

Friends ask if I plan to get a wig. The answer is no. I am acquiring a fine hat collection, which ranges from summer casual to what I plan to wear my first day back at work. A wig works well for a lot of chemo patients, but it is not me. I cannot pretend this didn't happen. Lily would still be coming August 14th if this disease hadn't picked me. I don't want to pretend she'd never been taken from us. Not to mention, I would probably fasten it on wrong, and it would fall off at the most inopportune time.