Monday, July 4, 2011

Thank You to Our Troops

Today is Independence Day. In addition to celebrating the founding of our country, it is a time to honor the armed forces that preserve our independence. We pray they will not have to make the greatest sacrifice for our country, but the sacrifices they make each day are unavoidable. Their tours last multiples of my 40 days in the hospital. They miss births, birthdays, graduations, and so many small, precious moments in their family members' lives.

I have always held those who serve our country in the highest regard. In fact, if Lily would have been a boy, born this August, he would have been named after a World War II veteran in our family. My experience this spring has given me a glimpse of what the troops endure in terms of being away from their families. Now I hold those who serve in an even higher regard.

To any who have served or serve now: thank you, for everything you've sacrified.