Monday, November 28, 2011

The Marshmallow Shooter: a Great Gift that Benefits a Great Cause

Black Friday and cyber sales have been the craze this past week. Hopefully strong sales continue and give our economy a boost. Here's a way to preserve the Christmas spirit while holiday shopping: buy a marshmallow shooter from

No, the chemotherapy hasn't driven me completely mad. I have good reason for recommending a marshmallow shooter for your loved one this holiday season.

The company was founded eight years ago by a group of entrepreneurs who are now 16. A portion of the ambitious, hard-working teenagers' profit goes to charity. Their current recipient is the Tomorrows Children's Fund. This nonprofit provides support for children with cancer and funds cancer research. It has a partnership with the Hackensack University Medical Center, which is where I receive my treatment.

Katelyn and I met one of the Fun on the Run USA entrepreneurs at a craft fair on a Saturday afternoon. He was polite and professional, and was missing college football to work the fair. Katelyn and I considered: the family fun a marshmallow shooter could provide; the benefit to the Tomorrows Children's Fund; and our desire to reward the teenager's work ethic.

We quickly concluded (Fine, I concluded. Katelyn was busy trying to tear into a package of marshmallows.) that a shooter would be the perfect Christmas present for her dad. She picked out a red one for him, and we hid it in her room.

If you're having trouble finding the perfect gift for the dad or son in your life, consider coming to our same conclusion. Why not spread a little holiday cheer, contribute to a wonderful cause, and bean your family with marshmallows, all at the same time?

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