Sunday, September 23, 2012

Light the Night - Milwaukee and Minneapolis

Team Life's a Beach has now made its first two stops - Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

Thank you to all those who contributed. The Milwaukee team, led by my two brothers, raised almost $2,000 (thank you to our wonderful, generous friends and family).

Jeff had been planning to bring his nice camera, to capture some great images of the illuminated balloons, but heavy rain had been in the forecast. Instead, the camera phone pic below captures the spirit of the event perfectly.

Veteran's Park, Milwaukee - Jeff & Elise
For the Minneapolis event, my mother-in-law rounded up a group of 12 friends to serve as volunteers. Volunteers were in short supply, so DiAnne and her friends' involvement was much appreciated by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and by me. And thank you to Tony for fundraising! Thank you everyone! 
Target Field, Minneapolis - DiAnne and her crew of friends

Next stop - New York City on October 3rd.

DiAnne mentioned that one of the speaker's at the Minneapolis event was a mother whose grown son had died from the same gene mutation I have (APL). At times, it is difficult to be involved with LLS's campaign because it provides reminders of our reality. But it also provides reminders of the hope. An extra reality check is well worth all the good that can come from helping fund this nonprofit that provides patient support and grants for cutting-edge research.

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October 3 - New York, NY (Basketball City)

October 20 - Verona, NJ (Verona Park)

October 27, Woodland Hills, CA (Warner Center Park)