Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spreading Awareness

The Huffington Post is doing a project on young adult cancer survivors on its Generation Why page. My first post can be found at the link below. This first one is a little nontraditional (I cried while writing it), while the other three that will be posted over the next few weeks will be in a more typical essay format and will address some of the tough topics I've had to deal with. 

Also, as a way of repaying the kindness bestowed upon me by the First Descents organization this past summer, I wrote an essay about my experience participating in one of its young adult cancer survivor kayaking camps. When my kayak capsized at the base of a waterfall, I was more terrified than I'd ever been in my life, and that's saying a lot! As I reflected on those moments, once warm and dry again, I thought about how interesting it would be to slow down those 60 seconds, to make a reader really feel like she'd been there with me, in that kayak and a year earlier in the hospital.

The result is an essay entitled, Exit, which will appear in Adventum Literary Magazine's Winter/Spring 2013 Edition, available the first week of January at Adventum Magazine: Current Issue.

It's a pretty cool publication, which publishes only stories on outdoor adventures. Reading the last edition made me want to go rock-climbing (but then I came to my senses...)