Monday, December 5, 2011

Twelfth Win for the Packers!

Packers vs. Giants

Thanks to a good friend of mine, my mom and I witnessed it in person.

My first hospital room in the leukemia wing last spring looked out on the Meadowlands (before I was moved to the ICU and then reassigned to a different room when my condition improved). From the eighth floor, I had a great view of MetLife stadium, though I wasn't exactly in the mindset to appreciate it. Not that I would have without under better circumstances, given my lack of interest in the Jets or Giants (sorry New Yorkers).

It felt amazing to be sitting in that stadium, having fun with my mom, when only seven months ago it was just another off-limits object outside my window. I couldn't leave my hospital room without wearing a mask. In contrast, yesterday I sat for three hours, surrounded by thousands of people (and their germs...). The Packers are winning this year. So am I.