Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goldberg Appointment

Now that the pre-chemo apointment every three months is becoming routine, we refer to  it as the Goldberg Appointment. At last Friday's meeting with Dr. Goldberg, he told me to stop taking the Coumadin (i.e., Warfarin). It's standard practice to take a blood thinner for a year post blood clots, and it's now been a year. No more rat poison in my system, and no more blood draws every few weeks to measure my INR/PT. I did have my blood drawn for a PCR remission test for the APL. We should get the result by this Friday.

We also discussed the plan for pain management for this round of ATRA. We're trying a new tactic- a patch that will release a continual stream of medication into my blood stream.* Hopefully by bypassing the GI tract, it won't compound the nausea caused by the ATRA. The downside is it will make me constantly drowsy, which might actually put me in the right state of mind to finally watch the Twilight series... Given the quantity of blood products I've "consumed" over the past year, I guess I'm on Team Edward.

* Thank you, Nurse Mary Lou, for suggesting this!