Sunday, May 6, 2012

North Face Endurance Challenge - Race Wrap-Up

50 miles (and 1K) later, Ryan and Katelyn have great accomplishments under their belts and raised over $1500 for blood cancer research and patient services. In the early days of my disease the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society helped my family and me learn about AML and how to navigate the treatment process. Knowledge made my family feel more in control during the tumultous period. Thank you to all those who are helping us further LLS's critical work.

Since there were no sports commentators present at the race, I did my best:

At the finish line festival, while Katelyn and I waited for Ryan to appear from the woods

Shelley: Do you see Daddy yet?
Katelyn: No, he's late to the finish line.

Shelley: Do you think he's close?
Katelyn: No, he's probably still on the other mountain, way over there.

After Katelyn's 1k Karno Kid's Race

Shelley: Where did we run for your race?
Katelyn: Up a mountain. We walked.

Shelley: Who did you see during your race?
Katelyn: Light Buzzyear. I hugged Elmo, but not Big Bird. He was taking pictures with other children. A man took my picture at the finish line.

When we met Ryan for his final 500 yards along the trail

Shelley: How do you feel?
Ryan: [silence]

Shelley: How would you describe the race?
Ryan: Masochistic

Shelley: What did you think about during the past 13 hours?
Ryan: You, and how this is nothing compared to what you went through.
Shelley: [All choked up] Very sweet, but I'm not sure I agree.

Race Day Pics
Katelyn running to give Ryan a hug, half a mile from the end of the 50 mile course.  

We provided moral support to help Ryan reach the finish line,
but I can't say our presence quickened his pace.

You would never know from this picture that Katelyn took last place in the 1k Karno Kid's Race

I really do have a great family.

It was somewhat ironic that my shirt said, "One Tough Chic" when I'm the only one who didn't compete. But I guess there is more than one way to be tough.