Friday, November 2, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Update

As one of our close friends, whose parents lost their home in Howard Beach, Queens, described the aftermath, "It's much worse in person than anything you see on television." People are struggling, and frustrated. The power, commute, and gasoline situations are tough, but the towns who were hit by the surge waters are in far worse condition. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, and with our good friend's family.

In our town, which is a bit inland and elevated, the wind was the only culprit of major damage. Below is a home, on a nearby street, hit by a fallen tree. 

We will be without power (and heat) until  an estimated November 9th. Conveniently the nearby mall and movie theater have power, so Frankenweenie has been crossed off the list, and tonight Hotel Transylvania will be as well (at this point, the bar for entertainment/warmth is very low). Today Ryan aided Katelyn in Building a *Hurricane* Bear, which she named Sandy. If we can find a way to get them to the displaced children, perhaps we will return to the mall this weekend and have her build a few more.