Friday, April 26, 2013

Get out the Vote!

My new friend, Elizabeth Grant, is entered in the More 2013 Beauty Search. The judging is based 50% on looks and 50% on the inspirational quality of the entrants's 300 word essay. There's a Reader's Choice component to the competition-- a $1,000 prize for the entrant who gets the most votes by May 16th.

Elizabeth is a beautiful soul, who's attitude and courage while fighting stage IV breast cancer is inspiring and humbling. As the saying goes, "Please vote early and often."

Below is the text from Elizabeth's original post on*, which gives the details for voting for her:

If you haven't heard, I've decided to step outside the box and do something that I would not normally do....enter a beauty contest! Actually, I like to view it as an opportunity to share my story and perhaps inspire a hurting soul or two.

If you'd like to support me by voting, I'll tell you how. But first, you can learn about this contest here. It's for MORE Magazine and sponsored by Olay and Cover Girl. I'm entering because 50% of the judging is based on a written inspirational story of my life. The Grand Prize winner is chosen by a set of judges, but there is also a separate "Reader's Choice" winner — which is chosen by YOU (all readers). Here's how to vote.....
  • The voting begins today and runs through May 16th.
  • You may vote once per day.
  • You must have a Facebook account in order to vote.
  • Go to this site and click on the VOTE NOW button.
  • [NOTE: You may have to "like" the site before it'll let you access my voting page.]
  • NOTE: Unfortunately, voting won't work on mobile devices. Sorry.

Thank you!
Source: Elizabeth Grant, Dead Man Skipping Blog, April 25, 2013.