Sunday, April 14, 2013

Race Recap: 13.1 Miles Behind Me...

...127.5 miles to go...
In an impressive (not really) 2:59.43, I completed the first segment in my First Descents Aggregate IronMan Challenge. Given my bad knees, I speed-walked the full 13.1 miles. My original goal had been to complete seven miles, but I was feeling well enough at that point to continue. And good thing I did, because the medal for finishing is quite a beauty.
As exciting, some of my friends are signing up for the challenge too! It's a great way to stay focused on staying in shape over an extended period of time (Our goal is to complete all the segments of the IronMan by the end of 2014). Registration details here if you'd like to join us:
My new shoe bling,
a set of which I'll be sending to all who sign up for the challenge.
Deena Castor, Olympic Bronze Medalist in the Marathon,
as she lapped me on the six-mile loop around Central Park