Sunday, January 22, 2012

LOL (Laughing at Orange Locks)

One of my good leukemia buddies sent me a message prior to my hair appointment, which I missed seeing until now. She said she'd heard it's prudent to wait 6 months to a year post chemo before having your hair colored. I have a bad habit of scaring myself by spending too much time Googling cancer-related topics. Hair coloring consequences was one issue I successfully refrained from Googling.

Ooops. I guess I shouldn't have used such good self control.

The most common side effect of dying chemo hair is................... an orange tint! A chemical reaction occurs between the hair dye chemicals and the residual chemo in my hair. (At least the resulting compound doesn't glow...)

For all of you who've tried to make me feel better about my orange hair: you're sweet. Thank you. But feel free to laugh at my expensive. Cause it's pretty amusing.

(And for any fellow surivors, consider this a warning before you head to the salon!)