Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Hair Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will visit the hair salon for the first time post chemo.*

When I made the hair coloring appointment, the receptionist asked if I need a haircut as well.

I replied, "There might be a few hairs that need to be cut."

Awkward silence, while I struggled to find the right words.

"Okay then," the receptionist said, "We'll see you tomorrow at two."

I plan to go blonde (my chemo hair is brown), not because I have a burning desire to return to the former me. Rather, it will be easier to start light and dye it darker next time than to do the reverse. As I mentioned in my entry, A Bald New Approach, the chemo causes hair to grow weird for several months post treatment. Once the chemo stops messing with me, I'll want to be rid of this hair, so why not have some fun with it first?

After blonde, I might go auburn, but not black. Ryan is convinced I will look frightening with black hair. We've had to accept so many changes this past year, that if he believes black hair is one adjustment too many, I will spare him that. 2012 is about trying to quiet our fears, not creating new ones, and black hair probably would look terrifying on me.

* Pics to come, but only if it looks good.