Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FISH (Remission Test) Result

I received the call today with the result from my first test for remission. It was clean! I am in remission!

Woo-hoo! Oh yeah! Hot diggity dog! (Insert celebration dance here. Heck, I'll even do the Macarena if someone plays the song.)

My parents, Rob, and I are so thankful for this result. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

Now comes Phase Two (laid out in the "Killing the Wicked Witch of the West" blog entry), which starts June 6th. The objective of Phases Two and Three is to keep me in remission. There will be PCR remission tests every three months or so at first, and then gradually more spaced out until I hit the 5 year Cured mark. These need to show zero cancerous cells, whereas a few in this first FISH test was okay because they should get wiped out with the rest of treatment.

But before I focus on Phase Two, this milestone deserves some chocolate cake.