Friday, May 27, 2011

Wanted: Survivors' Tricks of the Trade

After a doctor's appointment this morning, I stopped at a nearby boutique that radiated pink. Picture Lily Pulitzer, Trollbeads, and flip-flop shaped ceramic appetizer trays. I loved it. It was the perfect setting after being in a doctor's office. That said, if Rob had accompanied me, he probably would have needed to watch a Twins double header baseball game to recover.

More uplifting than the brightly flowered decor was the discovery that the owner is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 2009, and is in great shape now- physically and mentally. She had so many encouraging words for me, I wish I'd written them down, but she said she would post some of them here.

Throughout this experience, I have learned of personal accounts of other cancer survivors, and there are so many more survivors out there. Their successes, whichever phase they are in- treatment, remission, cured- are inspirational to me.

I try to be positive in this blog, but I definitely have dark moments. When I am rolling up my sleeve June 6th for the first dose of Arsenic to be pumped into my veins, or when I am awaiting the results of my PCR remission tests (the more accurate test that needs to show zero cancerous cells), it would be nice to read some encouraging advice/stories from those who have "been there done that."

So a selfish request: As you gather with friends and family this weekend, if you have any cancer survivors amongst your group who'd be willing/wanting to share how they keep positive (or # of years in remission, which I love hearing), please forward them my blog address. They could either post a comment, or you could send me an email with a thought or two from him/her. Nothing fancy or time consuming. Just a few words I can draw upon when I need them. It would be so great to compile some others' success stories or advice in a blog entry that I can refer back to when I am sitting through my Arsenic treatments (I will attribute any I receive as anonymous or by name, depending upon request.)

I know there are bookshelves full of survivor stories, which are good reading, but right now I am more interested in hearing about the successess of those who've touched the same people that have been supporting me.

Thank you, and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!