Saturday, May 7, 2011

If This was a Thank You Speech at the Oscars, I would get the Hook

Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive of our family. It feels so good to know we are loved and receiving your prayers. The below is the view from my hospital bed. Without it, these days would be a lot tougher. I have loved hearing the updates from "The Real World." The emails have been just as cherished.

My guardian angel/memento/book collection sits next to the window with the view of the Manhattan skyline. As breathtaking as the skyline is, I prefer to look at my collection. The hustle and bustle of the city is not what I need right now. Your warm thoughts are what power me through. Aunt Lynn, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Bobby, your continued cards and packages have been sustaining. I love and miss you. And thank you Aunt Laura for working with the Cancer Society.

Thank you to my U of MN rowing team. I cannot believe it's been ten years. I have a lot of goals for when I get out of here, and having the strength to do a Power Ten on my erg is one of them. I'm sorry I missed seeing you at the reunion. Thank you Sarah for sending the package and channeling your positive coxswain karma..

Thank you to Jen, my mom, and Kelly for the clothes and hats. My style when I leave here will put the Royal Wedding and Kentucky Derby fashionistas to shame.

Mom (a.k.a. Mouse according to Katelyn), Dad, Matt, Jeff, Jen, and DiAnne: thank you for all the help with Katelyn and Ryan. Thank you to my family for sitting by my bedside, and for reminding me every day how much you love me and how this is just a blip in a wonderful life. I am sure at times you must have been really scared. Lucky for me, I was mostly too doped up during those times to appreciate the setbacks. But now that I do get them, I'm sorry I've caused you concern. We will get through this.

Thank you to Solar Capital for the food that has kept Ryan and Katelyn going ( I have to admit: I am a little suspicicous that Ryan has altered the orders to include more comfort junk food,or he is making side trips to the 7/11...). My bosses and team have been incredibly supportive. I will feel so enthusiastic about returning to work once I'm well enough. I miss all of the team, and the excitement of building our business.

And certainly not least: thank you to my neighborhood friends, both for the meals and the emotional support. At times, I have trouble getting through your heartfelt emails without crying, but I have desperately needed them nonetheless. Audra, your bravery to help me through this, given Sylvie's experience, can be nothing less than a gift from God.

As soon as I'm up for a relaxed backyard BBQ, it is happening. And I'm making you all wear hats!

I hear the Oscar music starting up, my cue to exit stage left.. Anne Hathaway is giving me a dirty look. I return the glare and mumble as I pass her, "Cancer patients can do whatever they dang well want." Then I do an interpretive dance of the Black Swan for good measure.