Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Bottom

Dr. Goldberg told me at my appointment today that I've hit bottom. No, not in the "my life is in shambles and I've taken to the bottle" sense. My white blood cell count is 1.4 (average healthy range is 4.3 to 10.8).

At this time last cycle, my white blood cell count was 22 and I had already begun to feel the bone pain. My bone marrow had already begun regenerating the blood cells, spurred on by the Neulasta shot. This morning, I'd been hoping that since I'm not feeling bone pain yet, it might not happen this round. Nope, it simply hasn't started yet. For whatever reason, my body's taking a little longer to recover.

I asked the doctor if it's possible I have the GATA2 gene error (BRCA Gene for Blood Cancer--GATA2). He basically said no, my disease is too bizarre and uncommon a chromosomal mutation to be caused by the gene error. Alhough I never should have been worried in the first place, since my family doesn't have a history of leukemia, I couldn't help but feel relieved by his response. For Katelyn's sake.