Sunday, October 30, 2011

So Much for Pumpkin Picking

My impatiens, patiently waiting for the blizzard to stop

For the past two months, during the treatments and their side effects, I had been looking forward to October 29th. We had reserved the nearby farm's 4:00 pm hayride slot for a pumpkin picking party for Katelyn and her friends. Conveniently, her friends' parents are our friends. So not only did the prospect of the party give me something more pleasant to think about than cancer (without having to do any of the prep work), it was supposed to be a way to celebrate the end of this phase of my treatment with our friends and my parents, who have done so much to help us.

Of all days for a freak October snow storm to hit, it had to be October 29th. Friday was beautiful. Sunday is beautiful. As the snow fell midday, we debated whether the developing conditions warranted calling off the party, which the farm had said we could hold inside. I felt like standing in our front yard and yelling at the sky, "Seriously God, can't you just give us one break this year?" That's what I would have done if I were an actress in a movie.

Instead, I restrained myself, mainly because the branches of huge oak trees along our street, weighed down by wet snow clinging to their leaves, had already begun snapping off. If God and nature's answer was no, I didn't want it communicated via a branch on my head. Though I could have had my dramatic moment while wearing a bike helmet, like a neighbor was wearing while she shoveled her driveway.

Though I was disappointed, Katelyn wasn't even aware ten inches of snow had stolen her party. A few of our good friends, who live nearby, braved the weather to join us for impromptu pizza and cupcakes at our house. The four toddlers couldn't have been happier. Neither could we.

That's what this year had been about; making the most of stormy weather.