Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Final Day of Daunorubicin

Today is my final dose of Daunorubicin, ever! I'm near my "lifetime limit" of the class of drugs, so even if I were to relapse, I wouldn't be given more of the glowing red juice. In the off chance I have a relapse, my bone marrow would be prepped with other drugs--presumably ones that also glow--for a stem cell transplant.

The plan is to avoid that. The plan is to finish this Daunorubicin cycle and the two years of the maintenance drug, and move on with living.

Yesterday's treatment went better than Monday's--no pain up and down my arm. I'm still having problems with nauseau, but at least today is the last dose, and the nauseau tends to only last for five days after the last dose.

The end of my consoldiation phase of treatment is coming into sight:

- My last dose (for now) of the ATRA pills, which cause the migraines, is Sunday night.

- Week of 10/17, I will hit my nadir, in terms of low energy/low blood cell count

- Week of 10/24, I will still be recovering but it will be easier to work from home

- 10/31 - Blood sample taken for my next remission test; consultation to discuss the two-year maintenance     phase

- 11/07 - Begin first round of 15 days of Atra every three months

- 11/22 - Begin 2.5 months of being chemotherapy free!