Monday, October 24, 2011

Climbing Back Up

The worst is over. Hopefully forever. My white blood cell count must be higher by now, though I didn't have the tell-tale bone pain like I had as I started to recover during the last two rounds of chemo.

As long as I don't relapse, I am done with the heavy chemo forever! Over the next two weeks, I'll continue to feel better and will regain my strength.

November 7th, I begin consolidation, which consists of ATRA pills (the migraine medicine) for 15 days every three months for two years.

Fortunately, the ATRA is in pill form. The number of times I've been pricked with a needle in the last six months is somewhere between 200 and 300. There will still be blood draws, like for my remission test on Halloween and my continuing blood thinner tests (INR/PT) , but it won't compare to how it's been during the first two phases of my treatment.

We have been so blessed to have had the help we did during these two rounds of chemo. Thank you to Ryan, my parents, my mother-in-law DiAnne, Kelly, Sheila & Molly, Vanessa, Audra, Ann, Danielle, Michele, Carla, and my bosses and colleagues. And Aunt Mary, Aunt Lynn, Grandma, Sister-in-law Jen, Mary Lou, and Jennifer for their long-distance support.