Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Chemo, Thanks for the Reminder

I'd begun to forget what the Idarubicin last spring had felt like. I'd been letting myself forget I'd had cancer.
This week has been an unpleasant reminder.

Today I'm still dealing with bouts of nausea and migraines, and the fatigue is starting to set in. On the bright side: the injection drug doses are done for this round. Now all I have left to do is finish the ATRA regimen and recover, which consists of perusing the TV Guide on my iPad, reading, and staring off into space. Maybe at some point I will actually turn on the television.

I have to keep remembering that this will keep me cancer-free. Soon enough this will just be a page in our family's history. Too bad our family history isn't like a real book, in which we could skip ahead to a more fun passage. Conversely, I can flip back to the great time we had in Florida two weeks ago. I'm already starting to feel better thinking about it....