Monday, September 26, 2011

Do I Have to Eat that Piece of Cheesecake?

Well, I could probably convince myself to force down a piece of cheesecake. The balanced meals have been tougher. I had a follow-up appointment today. Since Day 1 of the Daunorubicin two weeks ago, I've lost 5.5% of my body weight.

During my Arsenic Trioxide infusion appointments during the summer, I often sat next to a woman who had tongue cancer. She the family members who kept her company during treatment were very kind. We chatted often. Our doctor and her family would tell her she needed to force herself to eat. I joined in by listing all the foods I had found easier to consume during my Idarubicin treatment (By the time I'd left the hospital, I'd had enough slices of cheesecake to worked my way around an entire cake.). My friend had responded that she simply didn't have an appetite

Today my doctor told me I need to force myself to eat. Now I feel hypocritical for having told my friend that cheesecake or an open-face tuna salad sandwich could solve the problem. I simply haven't had an appetite. I guess if I have to increase my caloric intake somehow, cheesecake will have to do for now. I'll save the brocoli for when I feel better.