Monday, September 19, 2011

Test Video... A New Way to Help Others

What better way to stop feeling sorry for myself than to help others. (Especially as I'm lying here, nauseated, tired, and with a crushing headache.) Throughout the past half year, I've met several other patients diagnosed with blood cancers and other types of cancer. I've become part of their support networks, which has been rewarding.

Recently I came across an opportunity to positively impact more patients who are stumbling through a cancer diagnosis. Wegohealth is an online health community that provides an outlet for people like me to reach others who could use some tips and encouragement.

Below I've posted a link to a short video
 (filmed via webcam pre-chemo) in which I address other cancer patients about the importance of appreciating their support networks. I certainly couldn't have gotten through this year without all the help, love, and prayers we've received.

Personal Video on the Blood Cancer Channel on Wegohealth TV

Let me know what you think of the website (and the video). The site addresses a myriad of health conditions.