Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy (Belated) Easter!!!

Katelyn and Lily (up in heaven) had great Easter egg hunts. I watched Katelyn's on Skype. The bunny hid the eggs so she could reach them on the back patio.  Even while wearing strappy shoes, Katelyn wouldn't venture onto the dewy grass to retrieve any farther away. Katelyn will be starting Bible school as soon as she is old enough.

My status since I last reported on being moved to the ICU has improved. The scare over the weekend centered around symptoms I was experiencing that are usually new to that first hypercritical week. Usually, if a patient hasn't had the liver clotting and lung bleeding in the first week, she won't get them.

These two symptoms have stabilized for me, so I am back up in oncology, being monitored for these symptoms from here. I am being giving a steroid and Heparin for the lungs/liver, as well as an oxygen feed since my lungs are less than 100% operational because of the blood in them. I am also being giving more platelets this evening because my last platelet count in my last tox screen showed a natural level below 50 (a normal human's range is around 300).

The biopsy on the skin rash has proven to be non-cancerous, which is a relief, and is most likely a vascular issue that will go away or a reaction to one of the pills in the Dixie-cup-filled dose I receive every day. The right eye vision also seems to be improving slightly. The 102/103 fevers have also subsided. Now my mouth and stomach sores seem to be my only new symptoms that make it harder to function in here.

This morning, one of the oncologists mentioned I am "turning the corner." They seem to use this expression with caution, because as I've learned, conditions can shift rapidly.

But at least it was the first positive news I've received since being here. I've been in hospitals for 19 days, not including the Lily days. Likely I will be here another three weeks. I am very thankful for the diagnosis I did receive. Other forms of Leukemia involve a four-month in-hospital treatment plan. I would go batty.