Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three More Weeks Here... Maybe

Once again, I heard the phrase today from an oncologist that I am "turning the corner," which is excellent news!

Though I have to admit: it's an Inception-like corner. When I ask questions about the exact status of my conditions, the answers are filled with vagaries. I may be here three more weeks, maybe longer. The clot in my liver may be permanent, or it may be able to recanalize. The blood in my lungs may be gone for good, or it may return if my cough doesn't improve. The lesions on my tongue that make it difficult to eat will disappear when my white blood cell count pops in a week, or it may take several weeks for that cell count to return. The high fevers are likely gone for good. The platelete infusion I am receiving right now will likely be one of many more to come. (In a future blog entry, I will be giving details on how to donate blood, for anyone who'd like to help me pay the favor forward.)

There are lots of positives, and I need to remember that what's around a corner is usually what you expect to find there. I am kicking this disease. Ryan and my parents have been so great, as well as the doctors and nursing staff, and today I saw Katelyn for the first time in nine days.

She has a crush on a registered nurse here named Hoshi. Throughout her visit today, she would peer from the door of the Family Lounge and call his name. Next time Katelyn comes, we will have to bring her earlier while he is still on duty. With all she's been through, I can't deny her a chance to wave and say "Hi Hoshi!"

On a final note: some of my hair has started falling out, so thank you Jen and Mom for the beautiful hats. Maybe no more of it will fall out, and I will have a great fashion collection instead of a requisite collection!