Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Katelyn

Every mother thinks her child is the sweetest, smartest, and prettiest. I like to joke that mine actually is. No parent can fault this pride because every parent understands what I mean. There is no greater love than for a child.

We are so lucky to have Katelyn.

One of the hardest aspects of this ordeal has been being away from her. It's been nine days. The last time I saw her was the morning of 4/7, the morning I went into the ER with what we thought was kidney pain. The patients on my floor have suppressed immune systems, so children under five years of age are not allowed. There is a family room down the hall, but thus far I have been on bedrest because of the bleeding risk if I fall.

Fortunately, my doctor has said I can visit with her for a short while in the family room tomorrow. I am so excited! We have been keeping her home from school this week to ensure she doesn't catch a bug that causes her to cancel on me last minute. After this visit, I don't know when I'll be able to see her next. My immune system will be getting weaker. Can't think about that now.

Eighteen months is an odd age for a child to have her routine so disrupted. She's been getting a lot of love from Mouse, PaPa, and Grandma, but she senses something is off. It has her unsettled. I don't want her to feel the heartache of missing her mom, yet selfishly, I worry that she will forget me. We are trying to Skype every night.

My other concern is about my hair. Katelyn's soothing habit is to twirl hair-- hers, Sheila's at daycare, Ryan's, and especially my long hair. I don't know how she will react when mine is gone.

On the bright side, my niece, Elise, and I are going to have an awesome photo shoot when this is over. She is 14 months old and still only has a little fuzz atop her head. (Jeff/Jen, please feel free to send me the visual aid, so I can show off how cute she is.). We will have matching headbows and outfits, which will need to be pink...