Monday, April 18, 2011

My 14-month-old Role Model

My niece, Elise, is as happy and carefree as a baby can be. She loves Elmo and climbing on anything she shouldn't. She also doesn't give a damn that at 14 months, she is still bald, and thus has to dress in pink and wear head bows, so strangers don't comment on "what a cute little boy he is."

My hair has not started falling out yet, but Elise is already my role model.  She is gorgeous just the way she is. I cannot hope to look as cute as she, but at least I can try to have as care-free an attitude about it.

Losing one's hair seems to be a big deal when one has cancer. Maybe I will care more later, but right now it seems inconsequential compared to everything else I've been going through. So Elise, I love you dearly, and look forward to headbow shopping with you.