Sunday, April 17, 2011

Third Dose

Earlier today the nurse gave me my third dose of the Idarubicin. Tomorow is a day off, and then the last dose is Tuesday. I am beginning to feel tired from the cumulative effect of the drug, which in some ways is good. Being on bed rest would drive anyone in insane.

When we first arrived here Friday, 4/8, the doc said the first week is the most critical for this disease, in terms of bleeding out. I pressed him for details on this. He said that for every hundred patients that arrive with my diagnosis, only 90 are still around a week later. I asked if my chances were better given my age and health. His response: "I had a woman in here two years ago your age. She complained of a headache, and an hour later she was dead." The really fun part of hearing that was that I'd called the doc in for just that reason-- a headache.

This is my tenth day, which means I am past the most dangerous period! We are so thankful for this progress. I still have to wear the bright yellow Slip Risk bracelet and matching grip socks, but I'm cool with that. They match the fashion pajamas.

Last night I developed a fever of 102.6. It was a bit of a scramble. Earlier today it climbed back to 100.8. The doctors have said this is normal as my white cell counts drop. Need to better understand how this impacts when I can have visitors outside the family.

Katelyn visited yesterday and today. Yesterday she shared her toys with me but didn't want to hug me or sit on my lap. I shouldn't have expected more. This can't be easy for her. Today she was a little better. Dad, Ryan, and I all had masks on, so at least I didn't stand out as the only one who looked weird. Thank you to Michele, Ann, and Vanessa for lending us some toys. It made it easier for me to sit and watch her investigate new things.

Also, thank you thank you to my work, Solar Capital, for the food delivery today (and the Working Moms Group and Solar for setting up a schedule for future meals). It is so kind of you to help our family. Before the offers had been made, I had been worrying that Ryan might resort to eating the four-year-old cans of black beans and cream of mushroom soup in the back of our pantry. As for Katelyn, she is very pleased to have fresh "moo" and "nu-nals."