Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life is a Beach

Throughout the past two weeks, life has felt a lot more like a b*tch than a beach. But I believe God has a master plan, and there's got to be a lot of white sandy beaches in that plan, right? My goal is to be walking along one of those beaches by August (no, the Jersey Shore does not count).

Today we received good news. The results of my bone marrow test came back, and they confirmed the original diagnosis. The type of Leukemia I have is currently the most curable of the varieties. It has an 80-85% remission rate.

Now that they know the exact type, they will be starting the heavy chemotherapy drug tonight. I am nervous about this, but maybe it will be a walk on the beach. Tomorrow I will give the names of the drugs and timeline for the treatment, once I get better at typing on this new iPad (and get the spellings of the drugs).

At some point I will add entries about what has transpired over the past two weeks, but first I wanted to focus on how we're moving forward. Thank you to everyone who has expressed sympathy for the loss of Lily, concern for my health, and a desire to help our family. I apologize I haven't been very responsive. I will get there.