Friday, April 15, 2011

Second Dose

Today I will receive my second dose of the Idarubicin-- the heavy chemotherapy.

Yesterday a doctor inserted a PICC, which is a catheter starting in a vein in my shoulder and ending near my heart. Through it the nurses can administer all my drugs and take all my blood samples. Although the process wasn't my favorite experience, it will save me from being jabbed in the arms with needles multiple times each day.

The nurse will use the PICC today for the Idarubicin. The liquid in the syringe will be a flourescent orange, and she will wear an outfit resembling a purple hazmat suit while she's administering it. Naturally I will tease her about her fashion sense, which will be hypocritical considering I am wearing blue pajamas with a stethescope, gauze, and pill bottle print.

The side effects of the drug occur over time and are cumulative. Just this morning I am feeling Wednesday's dose. The doctor described it as sliding down a curve. A week or two from now, once I've received all the doses, I will feel the weakest. Then things will start to get sunnier.